Bristol Shopping Quarter: Summer of Great Offers

This week I was contacted by the Bristol Shopping Quarter about their 'Summer of Great Offers' campaign. The campaign is all about getting people into Bristol and celebrating the local and long standing stores we have here in the city, and as an incentive to get you guys out shopping they are currently offering a different discount every day. Each day they will be featuring a great offer or promotion on their Facebook page (which you can find here) and all you need to do is print the voucher and take it into whichever shop it is for. 

This is something that I feel really passionate about because I find it really sad how the British High Street is falling and how difficult it is for local businesses to survive in the current climate. The UK has the best high street, in my opinion, in the World, but in the past few years a lot of new shopping centres have opened which have meant the demise of the old areas, and especially in Bristol the opening of Cabot Circus in 2008 has meant the Broadmead area has really suffered. The point of this campaign is to remind people of some of the great businesses in the area and encourage everyone to give them a bit of love :)

The businesses involved are shown on the map below and wanted to point a few out to you which i'm particularly excited about.

Pepenero - A great little restaurant which offers a huge range of Italian Vegetarian and Vegan food along with all the classic Meat dishes. 

The Fragrance Shop - Already really well priced, they sell all of the perfumes you would expect including my favourite; Marc Jacobs - Daisy. 

Fitness 4 Less - This is my gym and I love it, that's all I have to say ha! 

I'm really excited about the 'Summer of Great Savings' as you guys know I love a good bargain, and would love you guys to let me know if you take advantage of any of the offers. 

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  1. How much is the gym membership there pleaSe? X