Blue Velvet

This season I have been so excited about the J.W Anderson collection for Topshop I completely missed out on the excitement for Lana Del Rey at H&M. Whilst I know it's hard to compare a sought after designer collaboration to a singer/celebrity collection this feels like a pretty big deal to me! I wasn't sure how I felt about Lana Del Rey; I love her voice and her style but I heard loads of weird things about her being manufactured and it put me off a bit, but after seeing this I am in love all over again! I absolutely love a good concept for a collection, something where you can really see the inspiration and feel totally immersed in the designers vision, where music, interiors, graphics are all just as important as the garments! This 1950's style collection is beautiful, the clothes look feminine and elegant yet are toughened up by leather and patent heels. The song is just as beautiful and I love the way the backgrounds of the lookbook and garments is just a simple pastel colour, feels like its focusing all the attention on the clothes whilst remaining true to the style.

My favourite item so far has to be the Angora style pink jumper; i've just ordered this online and am already considering ordering one of the shirts too! I love the studded collar shirt but also don't think it's as special as the floral, I haven't seen anything similar to that anywhere, it looks like it came straight off the runway. As for the shoes i'm not really a heel person but I just love the nude colour of these, wish they came in a flat version!

All items part of the Lana Del Rey collection at H&M :)

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