Maxwells Silver Hammer

Jumper- Vintage
Denim Jacket- Vintage
Skirt- Topshop
Shoes- Ebay
Earrings- Kukee
Rings- Kukee, Topshop and Vintage
Lipstick- Urban Outfitters

This is the first 'what i'm wearing today' blog post I've ever done! It was so weird standing in front of the camera as i'm so used to being behind it for uni and I managed to rope my boyfriend in to take the pictures rather than using a timer. It's definitely going to be a case of trial and error, as I find good places to shoot as well as a good pose which suits me, I am looking ever so slightly wooden in these! Today I have just been making a soup and dying a dress black which sounds very war time, so I went for a simple Topshop black skater skirt and vintage striped jumper. I decided not to tuck the jumper in as I usually would because it's quite bulky and makes me look like I have a weird spare tyre. I also look incredibly tanned, i'm not some crazed fake tanner I have just come back from a holiday for anyone who is wondering! The cross earrings, ponytail and orange lipstick definitely jazz up what is essentially quite a boring outfit and make me look like someone from Saved By The Bell; which I definitely don't mind! The creepers i'm wearing are insanely good copies from ebay and you can find them by following the link above! They're only £19.99 and I get comments all the time about how expensive they must of been because everyone thinks they're real, so if you're looking to get a pair but don't have much money or don't know how much you'll wear them I would definitely recommend getting a pair of these!

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