Puss In Boots!

I have been lacking in posting this week! There were a few outfit posts I wanted to do, but couldn't find the charger for my camera, it has now been found thankfully! Before doing that however I wanted to tell you about this cute new jewellery company i'm feeling a bit in love with! Laura who runs the street team at Motel has her own line of jewellery called 'I Love Crafty' which makes fun, cute jewellery that's really unique and great for presents! I'm not usually into coloured jewellery i'm (fake) gold and silver through and through, but she has recently launched a black cat collection called "feline fatale" which is AMAZING! As a lover of anything cat shaped I can't wait to get hold of some of these and the best thing is Motel have decided they're going to start selling the cat collection too :) 
I've included the graphic Motel are using to promote the collection and here are some of my favourite picks :) How cute are the collar tips? They have to be my favourite thing and are going to see me updating some old shirts with these beauties!

All items from I Love Crafty


  1. The collar tips are faboulous!!!
    Such a great idea!

  2. Everything cat - love it :3
    The collar tips are my favourite - so cute! xoxo