Factory Girl

Kitty Pumps- Boohoo (sold out :( )
Skull Pumps- Boohoo 
Studded Loafers - Boohoo
Leopard Chelsea Boots - Topshop

I really wanted to do another outfit post this morning, but the weather is so miserable I don't really want to go out anywhere, so i'm just gonna stay in leggings and a huge comfortable jumper watching films. This weekend I went to Brisfest, I was really looking forward to it and had a great day on Saturday but annoyingly yesterday was an absolute storm and I didn't fancy standing outside for hours on end getting cold and wet! Instead I just went to Wagamamas and did a pub quiz with my friends before going to bed very early! 

Today i've been going shoe mental, I keep thinking I need some good shoes for Winter however none of these shoes are sensible but they are very pretty! Mid way through making this post I realised that 3 out of 4 are from Boohoo, they have some great stuff at the moment and I ordered some Baroque leggings the other day which I can't wait to arrive! The Kitty and skull pumps are shoes I can definitely see myself wearing with black tights or jeans and as most of my shoes are black I think the beige spiked loafers would be a good addition to my wardrobe! As for the leopard chelsea boots, I wear my black ones all the time and have been very inspired by Alison Mosshart at the moment so these I can already see are going to be part of my A/W essentials! 

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