Puss In Boots!

I have been lacking in posting this week! There were a few outfit posts I wanted to do, but couldn't find the charger for my camera, it has now been found thankfully! Before doing that however I wanted to tell you about this cute new jewellery company i'm feeling a bit in love with! Laura who runs the street team at Motel has her own line of jewellery called 'I Love Crafty' which makes fun, cute jewellery that's really unique and great for presents! I'm not usually into coloured jewellery i'm (fake) gold and silver through and through, but she has recently launched a black cat collection called "feline fatale" which is AMAZING! As a lover of anything cat shaped I can't wait to get hold of some of these and the best thing is Motel have decided they're going to start selling the cat collection too :) 
I've included the graphic Motel are using to promote the collection and here are some of my favourite picks :) How cute are the collar tips? They have to be my favourite thing and are going to see me updating some old shirts with these beauties!

All items from I Love Crafty

Little Sister

Headscarf - Vintage
Shirt - Topshop
Cardigan - Vintage
Skirt- Topshop
Lipstick - Arbonne
Rings - Topshop and Vintage

It is officially Winter! To be honest our Summer never really started so it doesn't feel like that big of a deal but the past few days have definitely felt full of wind and rain. I don't mind, I quite like Winter, or at least the thought of wrapping up in a jumper, coat and boots, I never think of the reality of when i'm pretty much crying on a bus stop because my feet are so cold! I am however looking forward to buying Winter clothes, I have my eye on so many things including a few jumpers, lots of shoes and maybe some not so Wintery items!

I have sold a few things on eBay over the past few days so I spent a lot of today packing things up and going to the post office, I like to package it up properly because it's always nice to receive a good looking parcel in the post rather than a squashed Tesco bag with your name on! My hair is having an absolute disaster at the moment I barely have a fringe as it's just disappeared into the rest of my hair because it's so long! I've decided to just pin it across until I have a hair cut, I love this headscarf though, it's really 60's and only cost me 99p on eBay! Apart from that this outfit is fairly simple which I like and looks a bit school uniformy which I also like! My red lipstick is from a company called Arbonne who I am a consultant for and stays on all day so you don't end up with the weird line on the inside of your lip! Tomorrow I will be working at Motel and will need to decide whether to order the Kadie or the Laynie baby doll, I think at the moment i'm swinging more towards Laynie but it could all change!

Blue Velvet

This season I have been so excited about the J.W Anderson collection for Topshop I completely missed out on the excitement for Lana Del Rey at H&M. Whilst I know it's hard to compare a sought after designer collaboration to a singer/celebrity collection this feels like a pretty big deal to me! I wasn't sure how I felt about Lana Del Rey; I love her voice and her style but I heard loads of weird things about her being manufactured and it put me off a bit, but after seeing this I am in love all over again! I absolutely love a good concept for a collection, something where you can really see the inspiration and feel totally immersed in the designers vision, where music, interiors, graphics are all just as important as the garments! This 1950's style collection is beautiful, the clothes look feminine and elegant yet are toughened up by leather and patent heels. The song is just as beautiful and I love the way the backgrounds of the lookbook and garments is just a simple pastel colour, feels like its focusing all the attention on the clothes whilst remaining true to the style.

My favourite item so far has to be the Angora style pink jumper; i've just ordered this online and am already considering ordering one of the shirts too! I love the studded collar shirt but also don't think it's as special as the floral, I haven't seen anything similar to that anywhere, it looks like it came straight off the runway. As for the shoes i'm not really a heel person but I just love the nude colour of these, wish they came in a flat version!

All items part of the Lana Del Rey collection at H&M :)

Factory Girl

Kitty Pumps- Boohoo (sold out :( )
Skull Pumps- Boohoo 
Studded Loafers - Boohoo
Leopard Chelsea Boots - Topshop

I really wanted to do another outfit post this morning, but the weather is so miserable I don't really want to go out anywhere, so i'm just gonna stay in leggings and a huge comfortable jumper watching films. This weekend I went to Brisfest, I was really looking forward to it and had a great day on Saturday but annoyingly yesterday was an absolute storm and I didn't fancy standing outside for hours on end getting cold and wet! Instead I just went to Wagamamas and did a pub quiz with my friends before going to bed very early! 

Today i've been going shoe mental, I keep thinking I need some good shoes for Winter however none of these shoes are sensible but they are very pretty! Mid way through making this post I realised that 3 out of 4 are from Boohoo, they have some great stuff at the moment and I ordered some Baroque leggings the other day which I can't wait to arrive! The Kitty and skull pumps are shoes I can definitely see myself wearing with black tights or jeans and as most of my shoes are black I think the beige spiked loafers would be a good addition to my wardrobe! As for the leopard chelsea boots, I wear my black ones all the time and have been very inspired by Alison Mosshart at the moment so these I can already see are going to be part of my A/W essentials! 

Polly Wants A Cracker

I always look to Polyvore sets for outfit inspiration, I love the way you can type in a person/band/era and it will bring up complete outfits, which always give me new ideas of how to style items of clothing. It was only a matter of time before I started making them myself and although this is only my second set I think it represents my own style pretty well and fits with the current grunge trend which I am loving. I have really long eyelashes so my eyes are always the focus of my make up but I always love to wear lipstick and find dark purple really flattering, I know i'll be wearing it non stop during A/W! I have also been looking for a good camo jacket for a while and recently found a great one in Primark of all places which was a surprise! As for the rest of the items they are all things I would wear, especially the heeled chelsea boots, I just haven't found the perfect pair yet! If you like any of the items then check out my polyvore page here, everything is high street too so there won't be any disappointment like when you find out the socks are £100! 

Cross My Heart

Cross Earrings- Kukee
Cross Bracelet- Kukee
Cross Necklace- Urban Outfitters (no longer stocked)
Cross Dress - Motel Rocks

I absolutely love this soft goth trend where everything is black and all about crosses, studs, spikes and skulls in fact I've gone cross crazy without even realising it and noticed this morning that I have a small collection of cross themed jewellery (above). To add to my love for this trend black is without doubt my favourite colour to wear, I always think it looks good as a contrast with how white my hair is, plus most of my style inspiration comes from 60's icons like Keith Richards, Anita Pallenberg and Edie Sedgwick. My other main era of style inspiration is definitely the 90's. I love grunge and hate looking too 'done' so I usually like to add some 'grungey' accessories or a denim/camouflage jacket. I'm always on the lookout for more cross jewellery and usually look to Topshop and Asos first but recently i'm becoming a little bit obsessed with Kukee. I first noticed them because they collaborated with Motel for a competition, but after looking at their website they have loads of great on trend accessories at an incredible price! The items below are a selection of my favourite and are all priced below £5, I wish everything was this cheap!

All items from Kukee

As i'm currently working with Motel I spend lots of time on the website and was super excited when the 'cross beads' collection launched! With seven items the collection is all black with beaded cross embellishment and allows you to try out the trend without going cross crazy. I have bought the Zena dress but don't usually go for body con items because I don't think they flatter my figure, so i'm going to send it back for either the Kadie skirt or the Laynie baby doll dress, but at the moment I can't decide! Two of my favourite bloggers Amy from The Little Magpie and Lucy from ChampagneDiamondx, have worn the items which doesn't help me at all as they both look so good in them!

Kadie Skirt
Laynie Babydoll
Zeene Body con
Tess Shirt

Maxwells Silver Hammer

Jumper- Vintage
Denim Jacket- Vintage
Skirt- Topshop
Shoes- Ebay
Earrings- Kukee
Rings- Kukee, Topshop and Vintage
Lipstick- Urban Outfitters

This is the first 'what i'm wearing today' blog post I've ever done! It was so weird standing in front of the camera as i'm so used to being behind it for uni and I managed to rope my boyfriend in to take the pictures rather than using a timer. It's definitely going to be a case of trial and error, as I find good places to shoot as well as a good pose which suits me, I am looking ever so slightly wooden in these! Today I have just been making a soup and dying a dress black which sounds very war time, so I went for a simple Topshop black skater skirt and vintage striped jumper. I decided not to tuck the jumper in as I usually would because it's quite bulky and makes me look like I have a weird spare tyre. I also look incredibly tanned, i'm not some crazed fake tanner I have just come back from a holiday for anyone who is wondering! The cross earrings, ponytail and orange lipstick definitely jazz up what is essentially quite a boring outfit and make me look like someone from Saved By The Bell; which I definitely don't mind! The creepers i'm wearing are insanely good copies from ebay and you can find them by following the link above! They're only £19.99 and I get comments all the time about how expensive they must of been because everyone thinks they're real, so if you're looking to get a pair but don't have much money or don't know how much you'll wear them I would definitely recommend getting a pair of these!

London Fashion Week 14/09/2012

Last week I was invited to LFW with Motel Rocks as part of their on the day street team! I was really excited and a little bit scared because I had no idea to wear and knew it was gonna be super 'fashiony'. Luckily I was allowed to have a raid of the samples rail, and pick something from the A/W Motel collection:) After 20 mins of looking I settled on 3 choices; Dana off the shoulder crop top, Libby high neck crop top and the Zabby dress! After finally deciding on the Libby high neck in floral i teamed it with a high waist black skirt with my lace cycle shorts underneath, socks, creepers and some vintage sunglasses. I really liked the look and loved how 90's the top was i'm just not sure if I like having that much skin on show because i did feel a bit self conscious. Probably sound like my nan but I think if i were to wear that top again it would have to be with tights or a maxi!

I went with Selina who lots of you will know from Flying Saucer and we met Jameela Jamil!! She was really lovely and stopped for a chat, telling us how much she loved our outfits and the Motel brand! We spent most of the day snapping street stylers and I met some really great bloggers, who I have followed for a while (their blogs not in some weird stalker way!) My favourite look of the day had to be Anouska who teamed a midi black chiffon skirt with a gorgeous jumper and collar. I love how simple the look was but she just looked effortless and classic as well as on trend. I do think this would be an easy look to create without having to spend money on an expensive collared jumper. Just buying or making your own collar which you could then attach to anything is a cheaper alternative plus then you have a way to update any old jumpers for A/W!

Just to make the day even more exciting I was lucky enough to go to the Bora Aksu show! I felt so professional walking into the show with my ticket then almost got trampled by the stampede of photographers trying to get to Kelly Brook!! She looked amazing! I always think when you see celebrities in reality their gonna be stick thin but she looked so good and normal, well not quite normal a million times hotter than normal but healthy! The show itself was gorgeous, really feminine and full of pastels and texture, it seems like next season is gonna be really girlie not sure how i'll manage to work that trend!